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Argos Monitoring invisibly and securely logs computer activity, and provides an advanced viewer for playback and filtering of the recorded data.

Argos Monitoring provides the following key features:

Argos Monitoring provides a state-of-the-art invisible monitoring solution. The program is completely invisible (does not show in Task Manager, no shortcuts or program folders, etc), and the only way to access it using the password you have set. This is in contrast to the majority of other monitoring solutions available, which have either no invisibility or a very poor one, and their presence can be easily detected.

Our programming team worked on developing this software for almost two years, and during this time the main goal we had in mind was providing a user friendly intuitive user experience. We spent major efforts in hiding the immense complexity of the program under the hood, so that the configuration of the program is done by merely a few mouse clicks.

Argos Monitoring includes a substantial number of innovations, thanks to which the program runs invisibly and securely, and manages to efficiently log the computer activity. Most of the advanced features of Argos Monitoring are automatically configured, and as a result there are only a few parameters which you can configure. We hope this approach provides you with an intuitive usage experience.

This documentation of Argos Monitoring provides instructions for configuration and usage of the program (though feel free to skip this guide and refer to it only when needed!).

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